Rizo Desserts is a dairy and jelly, and now plant-based, desserts manufacturer located in Campbellfield, Victoria.  Owned by Rebecca Honner and Chris Brooke who were attracted to the category by seeing parents lose substantial weight after going into Aged Care.  For various reasons, including a lack of budget by private operators but also because manufacturing of good quality products is getting harder to do in Australia as Supermarkets and Food Distributors demand longer, and more artificial shelf lives for their ease.  Oh and also fewer SKU’s to keep it simple for their warehouses!

Especially at risk are any patients that have swallowing disorders (very common as we age).  Due to a lack of choice of suitable products these clients often end up eating the same foods over and over again.  They disengage with food, lose weight and then energy.  The lack of nutrition impedes their health and, quite frankly, reduces their quality of life.

For over 20 years  Rizo Desserts have been developing and manufacturing a wide range of quality, great tasting desserts for Hospitals, Aged Care, Food Service and Retail.   Our desserts are made just as a great Chef would make them.  Made using fresh, real and locally sourced ingredients and you can taste the difference.

We specialise in Healthcare desserts because of that personal experience.  We know that desserts are often the Highlight on the Tray for many sick or older Australians.  Therefore, it should taste good and be good for you.  Healthcare nutrition is getting increasingly complex so we ensure we have a wide range of products to suit the dietary and textural needs of our Hospital clients.  And we have a greater range of products suitable for dysphagia diets than any other supplier. People who need pureed food deserve variety and sadly in a lot of institutions they get the same food over and over again.  We understand the IDDSI dysphagia rating system so can work with you to ensure a safe and varied menu for your healthcare clients.

We are accredited by Health Share Victoria (previously HPV) to supply public hospitals and we are licenced and audited by Dairy Food Safety (Vic) to process dairy products and, of course, HACCP accredited.  We are also accredited for Accessible Packaging by Arthritis Australia and our products are Halal.



Dessert Co-Pack and Development

We also provide contract manufacturing services to food and beverage companies.  Ring us on 03 9357 9196 with your query.