Delicious Desserts for Food Service

Specializing in healthcare jelly and dairy desserts.

We provide portion-controlled jellies and dairy desserts to hospitals, aged-care residences, to Food Service operators and to Retail clients around Victoria. It’s all made fresh with Australian ingredients.  And with recipes that are authentic because we want it taste like it’s just been made in your kitchen.

We specialise in Healthcare  Desserts and we can offer you nutritionally suitable dietary options – low-fat, diabetic, gluten free, fructose free and always just plain yummy.  Many of our desserts are texture modified to be suitable for people with dysphagia or other swallowing difficulties. We’re HACCP accredited and HPV (Health Purchasing Victoria) approved. We micro-test all our batches so you can have peace of mind.

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Delicious Desserts For Food Service

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Some comments from happy customers

“Well done. You make hospital food bearable!!”

Sophie (Frankston Hospital)

“I was in hospital and must say the chocolate mousse was to die for”

John (Austin Hospital)

“I just spent 2 months in St Vincents hospital and love your desserts”

Martin (St Vincent’s Private)

“My father won’t eat anything but your jellies”

Therese (St Vincent’s Public)

Are you a Healthcare Caterer or Food Service looking for supply of fresh and delicious desserts?

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