Rizo Desserts offers a wide range of IDDSI suitable desserts to meet all your texture modified and puree needs. Compelled by personal experience they understand that those affected by swallowing difficulties often end up eating the same dishes over and over as few alternatives are available. This results in severe weight loss and this cohort disengaging with food. We have many varieties available for safe IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (iddsi.org) consumption.

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The below picture illustrates the new framework used globally to rate foods and drinks.

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta


A creamy, traditional panna cotta custard dessert with real Vanilla Bean creating a delicious rich flavour.  Sometimes called Bavarois this … Read More

Vegan Mango Jelly


A sweet vegan Mango Jelly.  Made without gelatin but it has a texture that is true jelly. Suitable for IDDSI … Read More

Tropical Punch Cream (Vegan/Lactose Free)


A tangy and fresh plant-based vegan dessert with a pineapple, passionfruit and mango punch.  Or some might say punches!  The … Read More

Chocolate Coconut Custard (Vegan/Lactose Free)


A plant-based chocolate custard with hints of coconut.  A lactose-free/vegan dessert which should be enjoyed by all.  Is a lovely … Read More

Cheesecakes (No Base for Texture Modified diets)


Enjoy our delicious Lemon, Strawberry or Vanilla Cheesecakes without the base so you can serve as a Level 4 IDDSI … Read More

Raspberry Flavoured Cream


A delightful raspberry flavoured cream dessert.  Dense and single texture so ideal for IDDSI Level 4 texture-modified diets.

Mango Flavoured Cream


A delicious Mango flavoured cream dessert.  Dense in texture and ideal for Level 4 IDDSI in puree or texture modified … Read More

Red Velvet Cream


A delicious raspberry flavoured, dark chocolate mousse dessert.  Made with melted dark chocolate mixed with luscious Australian cream.  It’s rich, … Read More

Chocolate Mousse


Premium, dark chocolate mousse dessert.   We melt chocolate and mix with Australian cream and cheese to produce a denser mousse … Read More

Lemon Dessert


A creamy, tangy lemon flavoured dessert made with yoghurt, cream and creamed cheese for a dense and flavoursome hospital favourite.  … Read More

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