1. Company Policies

Rizo Desserts manufactures desserts in Melbourne and supplies delicious jelly and dairy desserts to the Healthcare Sector..

Our key Goals are to:

  • Make real desserts with real ingredients.  This ensures that taste is king and that patients will eat their hospital food!
  • Ensure our products are safe.  We both internally and externally micro-test all of our products.
  • Give Healthcare Operators a wide choice to meet all their dietary needs.
  • Give Patients a Highlight in their Day.
  • Support other Australian businesses by using only local ingredients.

2.    Environmental Policy

Rizo Desserts is committed to minimizing the impacts of its activities on the environment and is accountable for the overall environmental performances. Management  and leading staff will provide leadership, direction and resources’ to ensure activities undertaken will consider the environmental risks and strive for environmental performance improvement.

The company is committed to the continuous innovation and improvement of products and committed to maintaining strong emphasis on waste reduction. It aims to do this by:

  1.  Actively recycling materials such as cardboard and plastic and investing in specified waste containers and liaising with recycling companies.  It will encourage the adoption of similar principles to with its customers and suppliers.
  2.  The company has and will actively continue to source and promote products and packaging that will minimize impact on the environment. This is part of an ongoing program aimed at developing and optimising product selection which will aim at delivering the continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  3.  Evaluate operations to look at further minimizing waste and ensuring operations are as efficient as possible.