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Christmas Dessert Options for 2022

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Christmas Dessert Options for 2022

Rizo Desserts likes to offer hospitals and aged care a few Christmas dessert options each year.  Everyone would prefer to be home at Christmas with family or friends but for those who are unwell we like to develop a few desserts that might just mix up their day.  Not always traditional – one can only have Xmas Pudding so many times – but designed by our Food Technologist to add a twist to the day.

In 2022 we will be repeating White Christmas (white chocolate flavoured cream with raspberry coulis) and Irish Mousse (needs no explanation but rest-assured it’s alcohol free)!

And……drum roll……the new kid on the block is Licorice Chocolate Bavarois.  A lighter texture cream but for those who love licorice this is lovely.

All desserts will have a Seasons Greetings lid to add a celebratory feel.

Orders will close off at the end of November (and supply might be limited) but call us on 03 9357 9196 to discuss.