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Red Velvet Cream

Red Velvet Cream

It can be a tough job being the boss of a desserts company.  So much tasting to ensure quality and taste.  Honestly one can get a little tired of desserts believe it or not.

But then there are the times when we’re trying to develop new desserts – lots of experimentation required so up goes the amount of taste-testing required.  And the on-going efforts to fine tune the recipe not just for taste but also to ensure the texture will be perfect for Healthcare clients.

So, very proud to announce the arrival of our Red Velvet Cream.  A delicious marriage of real dark and milk chocolate with a rich raspberry flavour.   Combined into a lovely thick and creamy texture.  Superb taste and super suitable for thickened or puree diets if you’re in Healthcare.

If you’re in Food Service and have a need for a sweet treat sensation then please give us a call.  We guard our spares carefully but if you’re lucky we’ll send a few samples your way.